Kris Halsey/Rivalry Graphics

“Creating opportunity for cultural wealth”

Kris Halsey is the owner of Rivalry Graphics, LLC started in 2017. Rivalry Graphics focuses on brand identity assistance which includes logo designs, flyers, and t-shirt designs just to name a few.

One of the major visions for Rivalry Graphics, LLC is to be one of the most well known, and profitable Graphic design firms. Kris emphasizes “design firm” meaning a team of designers who collectively work together to complete design projects for other companies. Kris desires to have the chance to build a Graphic design firm that puts people of color in a position to do more than just freelance design on social media, but assist in positioning those who are in this field to be able to expand on a much larger scale.

Kris feels that by building a black owned design firm, this will open the door to hire or partner with other black designers to change the landscape of the industry. Kris believes it’s important to show that people of color want to be recognized not only for their athleticism or ability to “spit a couple bars”; but also as doctors, lawyers, photographers, etc. So to build a firm by people of color for people of color to show off their designs skills is what Kris would like to do most. Not only to impact the industry but his culture as well.

Kris’ dream project is to work with a well known company like Nike, Jordan, or any well known fortune 500 company. To create Graphics for them would be a dream come true.

Kris states”The main advice I have for others is, never allow anyone to prevent you from chasing your dreams. Especially, when it comes to things related to the arts. Be it music, fashion, graphics whatever. You can’t let anyone take away your passion. Most importantly you are your own worst enemy. You can’t allow your doubts, insecurities, nerves, or fears stop you. Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith and hope you land on solid ground. Sometimes you won’t. Sometimes failure is inevitable. But it’s up to you to keep pushing, keep getting back up and keep your focus on your dream. Nothing beats a failure but a try and no one has ever been successful without first failing. The last piece of advice I would offer is keep people in your circle that support and believe in your dream. Like really believe in it. Not just cause they know if they stick around you might hook them up, but because they believe in you and truly want what’s best for you. Surrounding yourself with people who will believe and support you just as much as you believe and support them is imperative to lasting success. You can’t always make it on your own. Sometimes you just need someone to say they have faith in you. Sometimes when you are ready to give up having (that one person is there) to keep you from calling it quits is all it takes!”

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