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Alan T. Black was raised and grew up in the United Methodist Church. While Alan proudly embraces his background, and personal history within the United Methodist Church, he feels ultimately the importance is not the denomination that you are a part of, but Alan believes what matters most is the relationship that you have with the Lord. Part and parcel to any relationship is the level of commitment that one makes to it. With any and all relationships, they are going to take time to grow. Alan affirms he has decided to follow what God has ordained him to do in his writing and music; spreading God’s truth. In this spiritual affirmation Alan makes sure daily to nurture and grow his relationship with the Lord.

As is the case with each of us, Alan has experienced many twists and turns along the road of life.  However, each and every step along that road has led Alan to the point in life to humbly say that he is a believer and God living testimonial author and singer.   Most of all, Alan is glad to be able to say that he is a Christian author and to him in this season that is the most important thing of all.

Through the years, if Alan were to describe his relationship with the Lord using one word it would be “transformation.” Continuing to grow daily in his walk with the Lord, and as well with the continued display of the fruits of his Spirit daily, Alan believes this is what his life is all about. Frankly for these times, Alan’s attitude and belief is that the world is looking to those who are Christians to see if in fact their talk does indeed match their walk.

For everything there is a time and season.  Though Alan was unsure of what was in store for him, he is blessed to say that being obedient and trusting in the Lord, he is now able to say and most importantly show others that God will qualify you and lead you to accomplish what His charge is for you. Alan states “You just have to be a willing servant.”  As this is a fact, what He has done through Alan, it was done so to give Him the glory.       

 Alan gives God constant praises of thanksgiving for allowing him to be such a vessel in this vineyard of our present day society. Alan encourages us all to seek God and allow God to be our guide as he has allowed also.

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Dear Black Americans 1

My fellow black Americans,

I am saddened that black people have accepted the fact that it is ok for most of us to be the last people. We have allowed society to convince us our homes need to be divided by removing our fathers all for the sake of welfare. We have allowed the education of most of our children to be diminished and accepted the ‘no child left behind’ narrative. Now in this time most of our children can not read, perform basic math problems, tie their shoes at a certain age, and sadly no discipline.

Black people, we have allowed society to take over and brain wash us as we continue to be the last while others rise further up to the top. We use to be a people of dignity and pride. We kept our homes clean, we owned the real estate in our communities, we had our own banks and medical facilities, we cared about how we dressed, we were in control of our own worship services, and we had our own schools. Now over the past 50 years or so we have given it all up to a society, an American society as if we have sold our very own souls out to the devil.

My fellow black people, all of our music use to have purpose, call ,and reason. Yet over the years, most of the music industry that involves our black people has demoralized each other and sexually exploited all women and we wonder what’s wrong with our children when our children are being raised by the hands of a black society with everything just mentioned and even worse.

Our Creator is furious with us and how we have laid down and accepted pure ignorance. My dear Black people, we can not keep blaming others when we bare our own responsibility for the negligence of ourselves. Most of our leaders, the very leaders we choose and vote for, publicly exploit their own people by advocating for us to stay impoverished by being owned by the government. Most of our leaders encourage us that we need the government to take care of us when we were a people who took care of ourselves. While most of society continues to encourage “our society” to depend on the government we are acceptably ignorant to the fact this is a major part of our problem. I am glad to say our culture has overcome forced enslavement, however, I am saddened to say black people have chosen to be voluntarily enslaved by the very society we live in yet and still with a low percentage success rate.

My fellow black people, stop following what society says and do what’s right for the people. Stop making excuses! It’s time to focus on progress without regression!

Balance & Gratitude

Balance and gratitude should play a part in all of our day to day living. Over the past few weeks I have been reminded by people, a lot of which are starting their own business, or already successfully operating businesses for themselves the importance of balance and gratitude. Keep in mind it’s important for us all not to lose site of those things and those people who should be most important starting with your creator and your family.

Time is so precious. We tend to treat time as if we have time but we don’t. This reminds me to encourage as many people as possible to always show appreciation to those who love you and those you love. People deserve appreciation, and all of us need to focus on balance. This world has shifted it’s culture and most people have conformed and accepted the ‘I still have time, We still have time,’ mentality when that is not so. Moving forward, Letha’s Real Talk will be presenting couples who made the decision to properly balance while building wealthy empires together. I appreciate those who have reminded me balance and appreciation matter.

Sometimes it’s a struggle, especially for those who really may not quite understand where they fit with those they have nurtured and supported so. I have come to the realization some may not appreciate their creator or even have families and these will be the very ones who will attempt to destroy the first gift creation gave us “family”. “When you lose site of who and what’s important you have become blinded to the realization that the mere existence of balance and gratitude is what allowed some of us to make it as far as we have, because of the support of those who have our best interest at heart.”

Thank you to those of you who do not mind letting the world know the importance of balance and most importantly those who encourage others to balance their family time, life, and gratitude properly.

De’Yara “Buttagoharder ” Hardy,

Meet De’Yara “Buttagoharder ” Hardy, from Dallas, Texas. She’s a branded, independent, Music Artist/Writer/Actor/Stylist/Brand Ambassador, with several years of experience. With over 58 music award nominations, and 10 wins, for all of her work, it’s safe to say that she is a force to reckon with. Buttagoharder is also a self stylist, self taught make up artist and CEO of her own entertainment company, “Doe Gurl Entertainment”. She’s the Texas Brand Ambassador for the “RReport Magazine”, originating from Georgia, which is currently on shelves in a Books-A-Million Store near you, as well as a brand ambassador for “Daco Clothing”, based out of Dallas, alongside “Billionaire’s Forever Brand” Clothing Company, based out of Hot Springs, Arkansas. She’s also the face of the S.E.A Awards, “Rough Feathers”, official clothing gear, highlighting her as “Internet Hustler of the Year” for 2020. Currently filming in a couple of Movies, you can expect to soon see Buttagoharder on a big screen near you. Search her music on all digital music platforms. Follow on all social media sites @Buttagoharder and stay connected on

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Rev. Dr. Herman “Skip” Mason

Rev. Dr. Herman “Skip” Mason, Jr. Historian, is the senior pastor of Historic West Mitchell Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Atlanta, Georgia. A proud native of Atlanta and an honors graduate of the Atlanta Public Schools, Dr. Mason matriculated and graduated from Morris Brown College. He continued his education at Atlanta University (now Clark Atlanta University) and earned Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science with a concentration in African American Studies and Archives/Museum Management. He is also a graduate of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta where he obtained the Master of Divinity and the Doctor of Ministry degrees respectively.

Dr. Mason, a seasoned educator for over 25 years has served as professor of history, college archivist, director and dean of students and Vice President of Student Services at both Morris Brown College and Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, he serves as the Director of Library Service and Assistant Professor of African-American History and Religion at Voorhees College in Denmark, South Carolina.

Dr. Mason is the author of numerous books on the history of African Americans experience in Atlanta, Georgia and the South and has published over 10 books including Black Atlanta in the Roaring Twenties, Black Entertainment in Atlanta, African American Life in DeKalb County,Politics, Law and Civil Rights in Atlanta; Black American Series: East Point, Georgia. He has curated major exhibitions including the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Centennial Exhibition, Crowns and Gowns:The Legacy of the Homecoming Queen, Hidden Treasures:Black Photographers in Atlanta and served as a historical consultant on numerous PBS documentaries. Most recently under Dr. Mason’s leadership Voorhees College opened its museum documenting the college’s history. He also serves as the Liaison for Museums for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.

Dr. Mason served on the National Board of Directors of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Foundation in Washington, D.C. which led to the completion and dedication of the monument on the mall in Washington, D.C in 2011. Dr. Mason is a member of numerous fraternal, social and civic organizations. An avid genealogist, Dr. Mason enjoys reading, local and international traveling, collecting black memorabilia and photographs, listening to music and researching his family history. He is the founder of Skip Mason Vanishing Black Atlanta Facebook Page and Book Club. Dr. Mason is the father of two wonderful young adults Jewel and Jodari. He gives thanks to God for his journey.