Success Is Not Weak

Most people want to be well off, however, keep in mind for anyone to be successful it takes hard work. It is amazing how people look at others, especially successful people disregarding most of those people endured heavily to get to where they are now. Whatever you aspire to do no one owes you anything! You must put in your own work, your own time, and your own money! Do not expect others to do for you what you have not done for yourself! You must be the leader of your own success. Talent is not enough! Thoughts and ideas are not enough! The game plan is not enough! “You” must put in the work! There are no excuses for why “you” are unable or can’t get something done! Success is not for the weak. You must have self discipline, you must have self determination, you must apply self pressure!!!

Em’Pris Honorable

“I Am A Non-Stop Movement”

Em’Pris Honorable is the CEO and owner of Pure Royalty Muziq Entertainment also known as Pure Royalty or Pure Royalty Studios. Em’Pris was born in Winona Mississippi, but moved to Chicago IL at the age of 6. Em’Pris came from a bloodline of singers, musicians, and dancers. Em’Pris is an artist, songwriter, choreographer and an all around entertainer. With so much profound talent Em’Pris has been blessed to share the stage with major artists such as Ludacris, Redman, Method Man, Jadakiss, Fat Joe and Lupe Fiasco just to name a few.

In 2008 Em’Pris was crowned Chicago’s Hottest MC in RNG Entertainment’s Chicago’s Hottest MC’s Competition, hosted by Shawna Guy of DTP, DJ Sean Mac and Shadyville Records. In 2005, Em’Pris officially started Pure Royalty Muziq Entertainment. Pure Royalty is an Independent Record label that also provide services such as Studio Recording, videography, photography and much more. Pure Royalty Studios is the one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. The said above are some of the available services, but not limited to, which also includes an open mic platform that is built for aspiring artists every Friday night.

Em’Pris is beyond thankful to her recent chain of endeavors of 2022. She is now a member of The World Wide Fleet DJ’s (Mississippi chapter) as an artist and host. Em’Pris is also involved in many different divisions within Fleet such as 2Flii ( the all women division) and Gospel Fleet just to name a few. Em’Pris is a exceptional example that regardless of the odds ‘You can beat the odds!’
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“Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams”

Emma Raye

“Striving to be Internationally Known”

Emma Raye is a 22 year old vocalists singer, from Tienen, Belgium. At an early age it was noticed that Emma had a gift when it came to singing. At the age of 11 years old Emma started taking singing lessons. Even though there has been challenges along the way Emma kept pushing forward. Emma decided the push her music in an unlimited manner by networking and marketing across the globe because she believes her music is very relatable to many people regardless of their demographic area.

Emma Raye’s first single “Another Shot” has gained momentum by the awesome lyricism and musical sound of the song. Emma Raye strives to continue to release as many songs and covers as possible. Emma wants to encourage those of her peers to push forward no matter what the challenges may be. Emma makes it a point to write and practice as much as possible because she believes consistency is a major key to success.

Emma is thankful to those who are supporting her along the way. Emma is humbled to be able to be supported by those who have played her music, those who downloaded her music, those who ho are mentoring her, and she is also grateful to those who have highlighted her along the way. Emma Raye is a prime example of a young lady who is willing to go the extra mile to perfect her craft.

EMMA RAYE – Another Shot (Floyd Records)