Frenchaire Gardner

Frenchaire Gardner is awesome, walking, informational, woman who seeks to excel while helping others no matter the sacrifices or the time it takes.

Frenchaire is from Dallas, Texas. She graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in both Psychology and Sociology.

Frenchaire is a serial entrepreneur. She loves to create. She created and hosts an interview-style business podcast called “A News You Can Use Podcast.” Frenchaire is an advocate for Black & Brown business owners.

Frenchaire served communities in several capacities: as an insurance agent, community vending, and managing multi-family properties. Frenchaire produced the hip-hop instrumental album ‘Supernova Universe’. Frenchaire is the co-author of two anthologies: ‘Finding Joy In The Journey vol. 2’, and ‘The Single Saved Struggle – The Struggle Continues audiobook.

Even though Frenchaire has done a lot of work she makes it known (her work is still undone). Frenchaire is an example of how you can sustain the time while moving, working, and utilizing the time as well.

Frenchaire intentions are to empower children and adults who have experienced traumatic events like foster care and adoption. Reminding them that they are more than their past experiences and also that their biological parents still love them despite the separation. Frenchaire quotes “Your past just makes you stronger.”

Frenchaire goals are to inspire, motivate, and empower others to dream BIG, act on their great ideas, and live their best life in all that they do.

Frenchaire’s dream project is collaborating with other BIPOC Authors to share each other’s books collectively with children. Gathering several books to donate to children in the foster care and adoption systems.

Frenchaire advises everyone “To live in peace. Meditate daily to calm and focus the mind. Take deep breaths when you’re feeling anxious. Write down your goals, dreams, and what you are grateful for. Be grateful for family and friends that care and support you.”

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