Success Is Not Weak

Most people want to be well off, however, keep in mind for anyone to be successful it takes hard work. It is amazing how people look at others, especially successful people disregarding most of those people endured heavily to get to where they are now. Whatever you aspire to do no one owes you anything! You must put in your own work, your own time, and your own money! Do not expect others to do for you what you have not done for yourself! You must be the leader of your own success. Talent is not enough! Thoughts and ideas are not enough! The game plan is not enough! “You” must put in the work! There are no excuses for why “you” are unable or can’t get something done! Success is not for the weak. You must have self discipline, you must have self determination, you must apply self pressure!!!

Inge Augustina

Inge Augustina is bringing holiday joy with her hit “Santa Baby”. Inge has performed and is acknowledged for her awesome voice that brings many people joy and delight. From the Netherlands, she aspires for her music to be heard internationally. Please listen, subscribe, and share.

Inge Augustina
Santa Baby
(Joan Javits, Phil Springer enTony Springer)
Label Apollo-98
Country Netherlands

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