“Creating Opportunities! Self-Pressure!”

Kaylee Sidris , affectionally known as Kay, created Independent Chicks Ent. in 2013 with the hopes of pushing family members to their highest potential with their music . It was the drive of two Black Queens that inspired the Independent Chicks Ent. movement ! Independent Chicks took a liking to the social media marketing because it was on the rise among millions of people around the world!

Along the journey Independent Chicks Ent. began creating different platforms for independent artists that ranged from talent showcases, podcasts, online radio stations, and festivals . Not every event was successful but over time Independent Chicks built a name for themselves and began to grow. Independent Chicks began to realize that there are so many different ways to see success through social media. Independent Chicks began to use the social media market to target the independent music world to grow! With a plethora of platforms and strategies to test out, pinpointing the best strategy for any business can be a daunting task. Independent Chicks found their Mojo with being consistent with social marketing! 

Independent Chicks Ent. understands that independent artists so often lose motivation and seek inspiration. This is what led Independent Chicks to continue to work with artists outside of their families . Independent Chicks efforts was nominated for 2019 Marketer of the year ( North Mississippi Music Awards ), hosting several mixtapes, hosting a mixtape for Astronomical  Artist La’Chat & more, 2020 Industry Judge of the Year ( Hood Idol Awards), started an online radio station (which reaches to the United Kingdom) through Live365, Created an Indie Music & Food Festival Platform for independent artists in 2022 in Hattiesburg MS, 2022 SSC team Award Recipient, SEA nominated 2023 & other accomplishments. Independent Chicks Ent. wants everyone to know “WE LOVE OUR INDEPENDENT ARTISTS  & WE believe in you!”

Lay’na Michelle

R’n’B Empress

        Singer, actress, model, writer, business owner, survivor, RnB Empress whatever title you give to Lay’na Michelle she wears it with pride. She gives all her thanks to God for blessing her with her divine gift. Born in Detroit, it was only right that this empress uses her voice to influence others. After taking on 300+ plus stages and hosting ten of her own, Lay’na had to take a small hiatus from performing due to health reasons. While on her journey to healing, she’s continued to write and record music with artists all over the world under 2SA Entertainment Management Group. She also loves donating her time and from time to time a portion of her profits to charities. On March 26, 2017 the RnB Empress released her long-awaited debut album “Blu3 Dr3am Ave.” Despite the obstacles and negativity from some people, Lay’na vows to push through with her leading single “Let the Games Begin”. 2017 started the year of the R’n’B Empress.

Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress 1st album has on Spotify 203,168 streams as of March 26th, 2017 won 5 awards on this album. This album has received 1355 downloads online as we speak not including street sales.

Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress 2nd album has on Spotify 111,265 with 23,535 listeners released on March 26th, 2021 nominated for 3 awards with Josie Music Awards (album of the year, artist of the year & R&B Soul). Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress was nominated out of 48,000+ submissions. Alongside the streams the digital downloads Lay’na Michelle has received 742 albums downloaded.

On November 23rd, 2018 Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress, a Detroit Native performed her original self published music for the Detroit Pistons Game inside of the new LCA. Because of this performance she performed herself into the history books. Now Lay’na Michelle is the 1st African American Independent Musical Artist to perform original music for the Detroit Pistons inside of the new LCA.

Then on April 12-30th, 2019 Lay’na Michelle was awarded an exhibit inside of the Charles H Wright Museum for her performance for the Detroit Pistons. Because of this exhibit Lay’na Michelle is the only music artist alive signed to a major label or independent to ever have an exhibit inside of any African American Museum.

On August 22nd, 2019 Lay’na Michelle was awarded with the Spirit of Detroit for all her charity work & making history in the Detroit Area.

Lay’na Michelle quotes ” In the industry, I would love to show that independent artists deserve just as many “flowers” as major artists. Our worth should not be determined on whether or not our name is signed on a contract.

I would like to impact others by bringing positive energy to everyone that takes on the #RnBEmpress experience.  Life maybe short but having a positive mind set will always make life worth living.My dream project would be to do a whole soundtrack to a movie.  The way Curtis Mayfield did for Superfly, or the way Prince did for various Spike Lee Movies.  I would love for my craft to set the tone/soundtrack of a film.

My dream project would be to do a whole soundtrack to a movie.  The way Curtis Mayfield did for Superfly, or the way Prince did for various Spike Lee Movies.  I would love for my craft to set the tone/soundtrack of a film.

The advice I have for others is to remember to stay grounded and pray.  Always set goals.  When you stay focused on your goals the only thing that may change is the time it takes to achieve them.

July 10th, 2020 Lay’na Michelle won Female Artist of The Year in Jacksonville, FL.

February 23rd, 2021 The city of Southfield In Southfield,MI awarded Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress with an award for her black history placement and charity work.

August 18,2021 The Josie Music awards in Knoxville,TN honored Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress with her 6 music awards.

July 31st, 2022 The World Songwriter Awards awarded Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress her 7 award for best r&b song I want 2 know

September 30th, 2022 The World Songwriter Awards awarded Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress her 8th award best r&b song I’m So Proud

Mason in the Afternoon from 105.9fm kiss has certified Lay’na Michelle https://youtu.be/VJvnL6dDBlA

March 26, 2017 the first studio album released

Wine & Girl Talk W/ #RnBEmpress January 2nd, 2021

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress February 6th, 2021

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress March 6th, 2021 https://youtu.be/t91oEbBngBU

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress April 3rd, 2021

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress May 8th, 2021 Mother’s Day Edition

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress June 12, 2021

Wine & Girl Talk W/#RnBEmpress July 11, 2021

Lay’na Michelle #RnBEmpress Live on All Gas No Breaks Podcast Episode 46 live in Maryland @laynamichelleofficialpage August 14th, 2021 interview & live performance.

Lay’na Michelle #RnBEmpress performing live at Josie Music Awards 2021 live in Country Tonite Theater

Lay’na Michelle R’n’B Empress Performance at the Hope for the Homeless September 24, 2022

Jose Rocafella

“Elevation is Inevitable”

Jose Rocafella has music that is about events he has gone through and the reality of his life. Jose wants people to be able to hear his music because he believes his music is relatable to the situations of many peoples lives. Jose wants the world to hear his music. Jose’s style of music would be described as diverse and unpredictable. You never know what you’re going to get.

When Jose was 16, he started making music to help him escape from his problems and help him deal with his depression. Once Jose realized that music helps ease some of his pain, he started to move forward on this music journey.

Jose recently received 1st place awards from the Hood Idol Tour in Biloxi, MS and Atlanta, GA! Jose has been acknowledged by Rich November on Highly Unique Radio for being one of the hottest artists to come out of Mississippi! Jose wants to be remembered as a humbled artist who stayed true to himself and his craft. Jose would also like to be remembered for his original sound. Jose constantly makes sure he stays consistent when it comes to releasing music, promoting, and selling his branded merchandise.

Jose Rocafella encourages people to “Keep grinding, stay consistent and never let anyone doubt your position in this music
industry. Always believe in yourself!”


Liyah Jonez

“No Losses Because I Refuse to Stop”

Liyah Jonez is one of the music industry’s top soulful, talented, and thriving artist. With music being an outlet for Liyah she wants to be able to make people feel good at any given moment. Through her music, Liyah wants to be able to help people gain peace and consolation while showing others their worth. Liyah believes music is supposed to speak the soul.

Liyah wants to be able to build a base of generational wealth by creating music that will last forever. While not holding back on her dreams, Liyah hopes to one day collaborate with Lauryn Hill. Liyah appreciates music in the aspect also of expression and lifestyle of different sounds assembled by life’s experiences.

Even though Liyah has mentored some while motivating others, Liyah advises everyone to “Go after what you love, what brings you the most peace in life, and find your purpose while becoming a better version of yourself now. Those L’s you take along the way are only lessons. You won’t get this life again ! You got it, KEEP GOING!”


Em’Pris Honorable

“I Am A Non-Stop Movement”

Em’Pris Honorable is the CEO and owner of Pure Royalty Muziq Entertainment also known as Pure Royalty or Pure Royalty Studios. Em’Pris was born in Winona Mississippi, but moved to Chicago IL at the age of 6. Em’Pris came from a bloodline of singers, musicians, and dancers. Em’Pris is an artist, songwriter, choreographer and an all around entertainer. With so much profound talent Em’Pris has been blessed to share the stage with major artists such as Ludacris, Redman, Method Man, Jadakiss, Fat Joe and Lupe Fiasco just to name a few.

In 2008 Em’Pris was crowned Chicago’s Hottest MC in RNG Entertainment’s Chicago’s Hottest MC’s Competition, hosted by Shawna Guy of DTP, DJ Sean Mac and Shadyville Records. In 2005, Em’Pris officially started Pure Royalty Muziq Entertainment. Pure Royalty is an Independent Record label that also provide services such as Studio Recording, videography, photography and much more. Pure Royalty Studios is the one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. The said above are some of the available services, but not limited to, which also includes an open mic platform that is built for aspiring artists every Friday night.

Em’Pris is beyond thankful to her recent chain of endeavors of 2022. She is now a member of The World Wide Fleet DJ’s (Mississippi chapter) as an artist and host. Em’Pris is also involved in many different divisions within Fleet such as 2Flii ( the all women division) and Gospel Fleet just to name a few. Em’Pris is a exceptional example that regardless of the odds ‘You can beat the odds!’
Booking Info. Pureroyaltybookings@gmail.com







“Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams”