Shannelle Norman

“I am your Global Financial Advisor”

Meet Shannelle Norman your Global Virtual Tax Preparer, Credit Advisor, Mentor, and Business Development Coach. Shannelle is the owner of Plugged In Tax Associate LLC, and My Sistas Room Survival Center. Also, with her ever rising businesses expanding, Shannelle has an airbnb business.

Shannelle has owned her tax company 7 years. She is a Mother, Mentor, Cancer Survivor, and Domestic Violence Survivor. Shannelle has experienced many different walks of life and she has been at the bottom. The tax industry saved her life. Shannelle was looking for financial stability. Shannelle needed a way out the hood, a way out of a toxic marriage, a way out of corporate America, and most of all she needed financial freedom. So Shannelle joined a tax mentorship program and it was up from there. Today Shannelle has multiple tax offices, a woman center, she is a home owner, Mentor and Business advisor. Shannelle has excellent credit and she has financial freedom. Shannelle’s career is her passion. Shannelle left corporate America and now she has a rewarding career earning money, helping the community, and also helping other become financially free as well.

Today Shannelle comes to you extending her services. Shannelle is officially inviting us all to come get plugged In at Plugged In Tax Associates LLC. Or go to and book a virtual appointment. Her company is credentialed in all 50 states. So what are you waiting for? COME GET PLUGGED IN!

Tax Preparation Services
Credit Repair
Business Development
Notary Agents
Grant Specialist

Shannelle Norman
The Original Tax Plug


Janyelle Milton

J Marie Premium Sneakers

J Marie Premium Sneakers would like to be noted as a household name in the luxury sneakers product category. J Marie Premium Sneakers would love to have international distribution in both high end brick and mortar stores as well as online. J Marie Premium Sneakers wants to expand product offerings into more lifestyle products. J Marie Premium Sneakers strives to have endorsements by notable figures and brands. Janyelle Milton wants the majority of the population wearing J Marie Premium Sneakers.

Janyelle Milton wants people to know that “if little ol me from the east side of Detroit created a worldwide luxury sneaker brand then they can too!” Janyelle believes that all things are made possible through Christ, and even the things that you believe he has nothing to do with. Janyelle strives to encourage many through her hard work and dedication.

Janyelle wants to open a flagship store and do pop up locations worldwide. Janyelle emphasizes “Start ONE thing,  stick with ONE thing, continue to build, learn and improve that ONE thing concerning your business, and never stop and you WILL see success!”

Janyelle Milton
Founder of J Marie Premium Sneakers

Cleveland Green

Cleveland Green BS. MBA. is originally from Carver Ranches, Fl where he grew up most of his life, prior to going to college after high school. Cleveland attended Wagner College in NYC where he obtained his BS in Computer Science and a MBA in Business Management with a concentration in Finance. Over the years of working and learning more about true wealth, Clever decided he wanted to do more by incorporating education and knowledge to help as many people as possible.

Cleveland would like to make sure that no families are left with any financial burden when a loved one passes away. There are multiple vessels that people could use, but are blind too or don’t know. Cleveland would like to educate people on these different financial vessels. Cleveland wants to teach people how money and interest works, how to be financially free and, he has an urgency to educate about generational wealth.

Cleveland’s dream project is to make sure there are as many people as possible financially free and financially protected. Cleveland states “Do your research, do not believe everything you see, and ask questions. Understand that when you leave your job you loose your life insurance, your cash value [if not used it’s lost], if you borrowed from your retirement plan you have to pay it back, or if not they take it out of your face value amount.”

Cleveland continues on a day to day basis to connect with as many people as possible to share as much insight as he can. Cleveland also challenges others who understand financial wealth to be a vessel of knowledge also.