Tedy Box

“Out Here Living Life Before Life Lives Me!”

Tedy Box is podcaster, social media influencer, he is a leader, he is a thinker, he is a round about person, he is someone who loves to elaborate on different kinds of conspiracy theories, and he utilizes his freedoms and his platforms to address various topics from sports to school to “Hell I Don’t Know” which is the name of his podcast.

Mr. Tedy Box has a passion to ensure that more people learn how to communicate effectively while understanding we all have different insights and opinions, and he believes in order to be heard we must be willing to listen. As Mr. Tedy continues to expand his platform he makes sure to focus mainly on current events, current healing, and current awareness that will help various people regardless of their present placement in life.

Mr. Tedy aspires to impact others by showing them how failure is more of motivational tool because no one should allow what they think is a failure to be an embarrassment. Mr. Tedy encourages everyone to “Live life before it lives you!”

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Jose Rocafella

“Elevation is Inevitable”

Jose Rocafella has music that is about events he has gone through and the reality of his life. Jose wants people to be able to hear his music because he believes his music is relatable to the situations of many peoples lives. Jose wants the world to hear his music. Jose’s style of music would be described as diverse and unpredictable. You never know what you’re going to get.

When Jose was 16, he started making music to help him escape from his problems and help him deal with his depression. Once Jose realized that music helps ease some of his pain, he started to move forward on this music journey.

Jose recently received 1st place awards from the Hood Idol Tour in Biloxi, MS and Atlanta, GA! Jose has been acknowledged by Rich November on Highly Unique Radio for being one of the hottest artists to come out of Mississippi! Jose wants to be remembered as a humbled artist who stayed true to himself and his craft. Jose would also like to be remembered for his original sound. Jose constantly makes sure he stays consistent when it comes to releasing music, promoting, and selling his branded merchandise.

Jose Rocafella encourages people to “Keep grinding, stay consistent and never let anyone doubt your position in this music
industry. Always believe in yourself!”


Desmond Rawls

“Being who God Called Me To Be!”

Desmond Rawls is originally from Columbia, MS. Desmond is an Ordained Elder in full connection in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. Desmond currently serves in Georgia at the Mount Pleasant Travelers Rest C.M.E. church in Montezuma GA. Desmond is a graduate of East Marion High School Columbia, MS 2002.

Desmond is the recent 2021 Graduate of Grace Christian University with a degree in Leadership and Ministry. Currently Desmond is owner of FEARLESS: The brand which is his clothing line and also Desmond has released Gospel hip hop in the last year. Desmond’s First EP will be released on January 1, 2023 entitled Faith over Fear volume 1.

Desmond believes it is important to minister with your gifts that God has given you. Desmond is reaching many by teaching many with his actions to accept who God Called you to be.


It’s Your Heavenly Birthday Nov. 25th

To My Heavenly Angel,

Words cannot express how I miss you so. Everyday I strive to be more thankful. I have moments when I can’t help but wonder what if you were still here? Though there is no firm response to my feelings I am so thankful for things you instilled in my that I once never cherished and now I cherish them so. You made sure to tell me you loved me. You made sure to correct me when I was disobedient. You made sure I have the fear of God in me. You taught me the importance of respecting my elders. You made sure I had basic survival skills to exist in this world, yet and still you taught me that existence in this world is not enough. You made sure I understood there is an eternity, and I believe you are with eternity now. Thank you for being such an awesome mother. I know you still exist through all those you came in contact with. Time is not promised to any of us. I am striving not to take time for granted. Until I see you there in eternity I love you and I miss you ❤️❤️

Reginald D.

“I am who God says I am!”

Reginald D has a gifted way of making mind-bending conversations simplistic and real. As a highly regarded speaker and leader, he strives to add meaning and memory to his conversations, thanks to his dynamic personality, innovative approach, ceaseless willpower, and infectious southern charisma. Reginald D is empathetic, knowledgeable, and impactful and his words on motivation, spirituality, community involvement, and leadership development will leave you wanting to explore more in life. By the time he ends his discussions, you’ll have found a better connection with your purpose, feeling gratified and motivated in life and work.

Reginald D was born in Greenville, South Carolina. He comes from generations of pastors, ministers, and leaders, going back to his grandfather, Pastor A.B. Sherman.

Reginald D grew up watching his grandfather build and pastor churches and own and operate a convenience store in his community, all of which he accomplished with only a third-grade education. He was not only Reginald D’s grandfather, but also his mentor and leader. Reginald D watched his grandfather become a prominent leader in his churches and in the community over the course of his life.

Reginald D was not the only one inspired by his grandfather, so is his cousin, Pastor Curtis Johnson. Pastor Johnson has been the pastor of one of the churches that their grandfather built and is a well-respected leader within his community. He has been nominated as one of the “Outstanding Young Men of America” and is Chairman of the Board for one of the leading anti-poverty community action agencies in South Carolina. He also appointed Reginald D as a leader of his church’s outreach ministry.

At an early age, Reginald D decided to take on the leadership mentality taught to him by his grandfather and Pastor Johnson and apply it to his everyday life. He has gone on to occupy leadership roles at various companies throughout his career.

Through his experiences in these roles Reginald D began to understand what leadership really was and how people respond to it. Reginald discovered that if you cannot build your team up to make them successful and enable them to do the same for others, then you do not really understand leadership. He believes leaders are not bosses, they are servants that make boss moves. He also believes that success comes from leadership development, spirituality, and servanthood. Servant leadership is all about making the goals and visions clear to everyone on the team and then rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever it takes to help people win. Reginald passionately believes that we are not only servants to God, but that we are also servants to God’s people.

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